Image of Hair Follicle Stimulant

Hair Follicle Stimulant


This is a 1 oz bottle of a hair follicle stimulant which helps stimulate your hair follicles for regrowth.
I have recently been diagnosed with alopecia and made this for myself and have been using it once a day. I usually put it on at night and leave it on over night and then wash my head in the morning with a rosemary shampoo.
Since I started using it in September I have new baby hair regrowth on my alopecia spots.

Shake well
Massage a thin layer on your head once to twice a day and leave on for 30 mins to over night.
Wash your head with your choice of shampoo
***It is important to wash it off because the oil can clog your pores and lead to more thinning or baldness***

Castor Oil, Frankincense, Cedar Wood, Lavender, Rosemary.
all essential oils are therapeutic grade